Routine Treatment

This treatment covers; Nail-care (including thickened nails), Callus (hard skin reduction), Corn enucleation, Verruca treatments (excluding verruca needling), lower leg & foot massage & foot health advice

Treatment price £30pp **discount for 2 or more people to be treated in 1 home**A Diabetic Assessment can be carried out & reported to your GP for £15 on top of a Routine Treatment. Finger nails can be cut and filed for £5 on top of a Routine Treatment.

Nail Surgery

There is a PERMANENT solution to reoccurring ingrowing toenails & it does not always require the removal of the full nail plate! A chemical called ‘phenol’ is used to kill the part of the nail bed causing problems. On nails where only a slice of the nail is removed, (known as a partial nail avulsion) once healed the skin grows around the site of surgery so it’s hard to tell you ever had anything removed! Treatment price £230 for 1 nail (this includes dressings for 6 weeks post surgery) or £250 for 2 nails. This treatment is carried out in a clinical setting.

Verruca Needling

This treatment involves a local anesthetic targeting the largest verruca. The painless treatment punctures the verruca with a sterile needle with a view to pushing it through to the fatty layer where it is rich in immune regulators. The treatment is systemic so not only targets the verruca treated but any other warts & verrucas on the body. It takes up to 16 weeks for the treatment to take full effect with an 80% SUCCESS rate!

Treatment cost – £85 We believe in the treatment so much that if the verruca doesn’t go 1st time after 16 weeks, we do a 2nd needling session at £30

Toenail Reconstruction

This treatment is for broken or fungal nails. The nail is built up and cured under ultra-violet light. The fibers are flexible, long-lasting & can be cut and filed. Treatment price £30 1 nail + £10 for each extra nail required

Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care

Dr.’s Remedy enriched nail varnish was formulated by Podiatrists. This varnish contains NO formaldehyd! Included in the formula are; tea tree oil, vitamins C & E, wheat proteins, lavender & garlic bulb extract. It is vegan friendly & contains a range of organic ingredients. This is an ‘add on’ treatment to any service at a cost of £10

Care Home/Residential Services

**We are currently taking on new Care Homes/Residential Homes in Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford** Treatment prices as low as £16pp for 10+ residents.

    Mrs Chantelle Coleman BSc (Hons)